Exhibition: Fashion and Nature

Galerie Handwerk, Max-Joseph-Straße 4, 80333 Munich, Germany

May-June 2021

The theme of the exhibition is “Fashion and Nature”. Nature is a topic that has always interested fashion: be it the original provision of raw materials like wool, silk and other natural fibres – an always new and amazing abundance of flowers on fabric and lace – be it the decorative elements created in feathers, artificial flowers and straw.

Effi Pingel - Fleuriste, Galerie Handwerk
Effi Pingel – Fleuriste Galerie Handwerk

Attract attention

Again and again the approaches and goals of fashion, to attract attention, to promote oneself and stand out, were compared with behavioural patterns in nature.
On the one hand the exhibition would like to show natural motifs in designs by international designers, but also the inspiration from nature in traditional trades such as fabric weavers, fabric printers and lace manufactures. On the other hand the exhibition would like to show innovative and unusual examples from the field of traditional handcrafts such as those of the flower makers and feather workers.

Modern ways to use artificial flowers

In this exhibition my main focus was to show different ways to use artificial flowers. It is often difficult for people to imagine how to use artificial flowers in the modern world. Of cause it is because we have a more practical view of life today and the artificial flower bloom on your evening dress is no longer a sign of wealth. Therefore, the craft of artificial flowers is today minimized and more aimed towards the haute couture or the very selective customer who cherishes the craft.

Here I have created different art pieces that shows new and more modern ways to use artificial flowers. You will be able to use every art piece as it is, as an accessory, for your special outfit or day – some more classic than others.

Boligliv & Blomster

Dyb koncentration og effektivitet :-) Effi Pingel - Fleuriste

Fleuriste og skrædder med værksted i indre by.
Mit kreative arbejde kom med i 4.udgave af Boligliv 2021 – med et fint interview om mit daglige virke som Fleuriste.
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Fotograf: Per Wessel: fotograf
Tekst og Styling: Mette Kirstine Brinch
Boligliv © 2021 
Effi Pingel - Fleuriste
Effi Pingel – Fleuriste

Kopenhagen Fur – The Top Lot award 2018-2020

My assignment was to design and create the Top Lot Award for 2018. It was a great success and we have continued the collaboration until 2020, were the company were closed down for because of the corona pandemic.

My inspiration for the Top Lot Award was an iris which is a symbol of hope and wisdom in many countries.

I have created a flower with mink in focus. Besides the mink I have added silk and feathers to the flower. I have used my pressing moulds to create structure in the mink and the rest of the petals are shaped with hand tools. The feathers are added to create a color contrast in the design.

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Exhibition, January-February 2020:

Udstillingsstedet for tekstil, Møntergade 6, 1116 Copenhagen, Denmark

This exhibition showed different work from artists working with textile in different ways. My main focus was flowers in decay. For me flowers in decay are sometimes even more beautiful than when they are completely fresh or just popped out.

So I spent a lot of time in this project painting every petal one by one to get the right feeling of fading beauty.

Ca’d’Oro (2019-20):

In the end of 2019 the well-known danish designer Ole Yde opened his first interior shop, Ca’d’Oro, in Copenhagen.

In the end of 2019 the well-known danish designer Ole Yde opened his first interior shop, Ca’d’Oro, in Copenhagen. The shop offers everything from luxurious fragrances, specially selected antiques, delicate jewelry or handmade silk flowers for the home. Ole Yde also creates his own smaller designs for the shop as the Christmas ballerinas for the tree.

In 2019 I was asked if I would like to create some silk flowers for the home. I had not earlier made flowers as interior items. But I thought it was a good idea and it has been an ongoing collaboration since the first tulip and rose entered the shop. Besides my flowers I have also created different other accessories as beaded broaches, headpieces etc for the shop.

Nordic ShoePeople

Year 2020

This project was an artistic collaboration of the two brands. The series of images that we made should work as inspiration as well as a show off and create attention.

I have never created accessories for shoes before. So it was fun to have in mind that the accessories should be able to work in a new way.

Tiny Bird creating attention

Among the accessories that can be used for shoe as well as a broach or in the hair are: The little hand embodied bird, the beaded leaves and the colorful beetles.

Some of the pictures also include wire animals and insects. They are also all created by me but were originally made for my Christmas table, in Royal Copenhagen in 2018.

The silk flowers on the pictures were also specially made for the photos, but only to create an artistic feeling as the artificial flowers will not be able to withstand the Danish weather.

Pandora – “Rebelle in Wonderland”

In the early spring of 2019 I was contacted by the jewelry company PANDORA. They were to create a showroom for autumn/winter 2019 and they wanted me to be a part of it.

The name of the installation was “Rebelle in Wonderland”. A magical world of nature, colors and of cause jewelry.

I was helping to create a forest floor full of pressed silk leaves in varied colors. More than 250 silk leaves were cut out by hand and pressed one by one.

Take a look at the pictures to see some of the magic.

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Table 2018

Royal Copenhagen - Christmas Table 2018

“My Christmas is not tied to traditions. We have always traveled a lot in my family, so for me Christmas does not look a certain way” says Effi Pingel, who has released her inner child and created a Christmas table buzzing with life, magic and poetry.

Despite the season, a promise of spring and new beginnings is presented with the table setting. Nature is brought in, with branches to support Effi’s handmade flowers, bumblebees, butterflies, goldsmiths and beetles. All together adding a feeling of a cosy and relaxed Christmas.

The unique fauna consists of small handmade sculptures, neatly made from silk, beads and fur. The animals are discovered among branches, berries and pinetrees.

Royal Copenhagen - Christmas Table 2018
Royal Copenhagen Christmas Table 2018
Royal Copenhagen - Christmas Table 2018
Royal Copenhagen Christmas Table 2018
Royal Copenhagen - Christmas Table 2018
Royal Copenhagen Christmas Table 2018